“Several years ago, my husband, Dr. David Goodchild, and I scheduled a consultation with Bob to discuss our wills. As so often happens, we had put it off for far too long. Along with our old wills, we brought a list of our concerns and questions to the meeting. Bob was extremely patient and thorough answering our questions and addressing our concerns. He recommended, and we established, a revocable living trust-based plan. The plan provided estate tax protection and at Bob’s prompting, thoughtful trust planning after our deaths.

Shortly after our meeting, David was hospitalized. Bob’s help was invaluable during this time. He and his staff worked tirelessly and in record time to transfer title of all of our assets to our revocable trusts. He made himself accessible and advised us on health care directives, powers of attorney, and other legal matters at a time when we needed it most.

When David passed away (approximately one year later), Bob was a sensitive and reassuring influence for me during this very emotion time. Due to the plan Bob had prepared, the administration of David’s estate was greatly simplified and no probate was necessary. Bob took care of all the details and the administration was completed in less than four months. I highly recommend him to other families in need of an estate plan or probate.”

“I have known Bob for many years, and we have consulted on cases together on numerous occasions. It is well known that Bob is an excellent elder law attorney – wills, estate planning, probate matters, etc. Legal accomplishments aside, the most impressive aspect of Bob is his personality. I know that a client will be treated like a good friend and will be kept well informed about the matter(s) entrusted to him. I strongly recommend Bob”

“I highly recommend Bob Prior for anyone that has estate planning or elder law needs. I first hired Bob over 15 years ago to create an estate for my husband and me. Since then, he has guided me through my husband’s death, handled the probate of his estate, created a detailed elder law plan for me, and provided tax advice that has led to substantial income tax savings. He is always patient, kind and knowledgeable. He explains legal concepts and options in a clear way I can understand. I completely trust him to advise me in making legal decisions and have come to think of him as a friend.”

“Bob Prior has been our family attorney for over ten years. He has guided us though many legal issues including an elder law plan for my mother and probate of both of my parents’ estates. He also prepared an estate plan for us as we transitioned into retirement. Though all of this, Bob was fantastic. He patiently explained each step of the process, kept us informed, and educated us on areas that were unfamiliar. He has more than gone out of his way a number of times to answer questions and explain things and has had the patience of Job. It’s a shame people cannot see the smile that breaks out on our faces when we speak with him. The thing that people really need to know is that Bob Prior truly cares about his clients.  Whether it’s meeting with him in person or speaking with him on the phone, he makes us have that ” warm and fuzzy feeling” that comes from the heart.”

“I have referred numerous clients to Bob for estate work. He is very knowledgeable and professional. Everyone that I have referred to him has been extremely pleased with his legal work I highly recommend Bob for any estate planning and corporate legal issues.”

“Robert Prior was originally recommended to me by a business associate and my financial planner. I met with Bob and asked him to review my will and other existing estate documents (which were prepared in another state) that he felt were necessary given my current situation. Bob met with my wife and I so he could fully understand our individual needs and concerns. His recommendations suggested not only updating the existing documents, but also placing a majority of my wife’s assets and my personal assets into two separate revocable living trusts Bob took the time to explain why we needed the individual revocable living trusts and timely prepared the documents for our review. Bob then met with us again to answer any questions before we signed the documents. Bob’s work was professional in every ASPECT. It is my opinion that Bob fully understands our personal situation and has given us comfort that the future is well documented to protect us and comply with our wishes. I would recommend Bob to those that have any concerns about their estate planning and desire an educated and professional expert to help with the process. I also found that Bob’s rate of compensation for these estate planning services was very reasonable.”

“In 2008, we were introduced to Bob when he acted as the closing attorney for some property we had purchased. We were not only impressed by his professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail, but his wit, friendliness and ability to make us feel relaxed and appreciated.  A couple of years later, we contacted Bob to assist us in setting up a trust fund for the future of our family. He was extremely knowledgeable. He offered suggestions and explained each aspect in language that we fully understood. It was amazing how little we knew and how smart he was! Later my sister and I employed Bob to frame a will for our elderly mother. Again, his expertise came to our rescue. With his help and clarification of her assets, we decided on putting her estate into a trust.  My aged mother-in-law did not have a will nor did she want one. We encouraged her to put her properties in an estate trust as well. Again, we had Bob come to our aid. She was very pleased and relieved to know her estate would be handled as she desires in the future. Bob is always available for any questions that may arise. He is so very helpful, so very personable, unbelievably intelligent and just such a nice guy.  We consider him not only a wonderful attorney, but also a friend.”

“I have had the privilege of working with Bob Prior for many years, and so have other members of my firm. Bob’s expertise in the areas of estate planning, elder law, and probate matters is unsurpassed and sets the standard for other practitioners to follow. Many attorneys, CPAs, and financial advisors consult with Bob on their own cases. At the client level, he is approachable and patient. His staff is professional and courteous. Bob spends a great deal of time listening and understanding what the client desires before making and executing recommendations. His documents are unique in that they reflect his client’s individual desires in clear and straight forward language. I strongly encourage anyone needing estate planning or probate services to start with a call to Bob’s office.”

“I have referred several of my clients to Bob for representation in their corporate and estate planning matters. I did so because I knew Bob would represent them and their interests to the highest of standards. While many lawyers are versed enough to provide representation on basic estate planning matters, few are as adept as Bob in navigating the pitfalls of such a complex practice area. I have had the pleasure of representing clients with Bob in corporate matters and know from that experience that he provides exceptional representation and cares immensely about his clients. Without hesitation, I will have Bob represent me should the need ever arise.”

“My experiences with Bob Prior have been rock solid. He is personable, articulate, and knowledgeable. He knows the law and can explain it to those of us who do not. He has handled several issues for me as well as family members. I am 100% satisfied with all Bob Prior has done for me”